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Properties Development


A remarkable mixed residential and commercial project
presented by CCW International Limited

Name of the project: Yosemite
Address: 168 , Qiao Quan Zhong Lu, Tongqiao, Zhongkai, Huizhou, PRC
Type of property: villas, apartments, duplexes and commercial
Floor area ratio: 2.46
Greening ratio: 30%

Number of units: 2,168

Number of parking spaces: 241 (outdoor),  2,413 (basement)
Number of development phases: 4

Total gross floor area of Phase 1: 49,844.53 square metres, comprising:
Apartments: 25,029.66 square metres
Villas: 13800.84 square metres
Commercial use: 4,470.07 square metres

Number of parking spaces of Phase 1: 21 (outdoor),  98 (basement)
Number of units in Phase 1: 318
Date of issue of the Property Ownership Certificate: 2015-12-12


CCW Music Chamber Development (Huizhou) Limited
Huizhou Office: No. 8 Ya'an Street, Xinhua Dadao Zhong, Tongqiao Town, Zhongkai Gao Xin District, Huizhou.
TEL:(0752) 7119 777   FAX:(0752) 7119 666





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